XL Pitbull Breedings & XL American Bully Breedings

Burrnationk9s is a dog breeding company specializing in XL Pitbull & XL American Bully. Founded by Alandise Harris.

Burrnationk9s White Sox

Burrnationk9s White Sox A Chocolate Tri XL Pitbull
Burrnationk9s White Sox A Chocolate Tri XL Bully

Burrnationk9s Carmel Macchiato

Burrnationk9s Carmel Macchiato A Chocolate TRI MERLE XL American Bully
Burrnationk9s Carmel Macchiato A Chocolate Tri Merle XL Bully

Burrnationk9s Nipsey Hustle

Burrnationk9s Nipsey Hustle blue TRI MERLE stud xl bully
Burrnationk9s Nipsey Hustle A Blue Tri Merle XL American Bully

Burrnationk9s Zara

Burrnationk9s Zara A Black Brindle Female XL American Bully
Burrnationk9s Zara A Black Brindle Tri Producing Female XL American Bully

Thank you for visiting Burrnationk9s Kennels, home of the Best Xl Pitbull Puppies for sale in the world. Our goal at Burrnationk9s Kennels is to produce perfect family dogs in our XL Pitbull Breeding program. We selectively bred all our dogs for temperament. Our Team Combined, have over 10 years of experience work with the XL American Pitbull Breed, as well as a strong background with the XL Pitbull Terriers and The American Bully. As you may know, we breed extremely rare colored XL Pitbull Pups, these are not your typical blue nose pitbull you hear about. Our BULLY PUPPIES FOR SALE have been selectively bred and designed to be puppies that are extremely therapeutic, amazing companions, loyal guardians, and second to none when it comes to intelligent.
Over the years our puppies have helped complete hundreds of families worldwide and we would love to help complete yours.

Picking order means the order you get to pick your puppy. IF we have a litter of 10 puppies. 5 males and 5 females. If you want to be the first one to pick out of all the available males you would get “1st pick male”. If you wanted “4th pick male”, you would have to wait until the other 3 RESERVES have picked their puppy and then you would have your choice of the remaining male puppies.

Pick selection are made when the puppies turn 6 weeks of age


We Work Extremely hard to make sure you get the best puppy on earth.
Our XL Puppies are selectively breed for families.
We take pride in making you feel like family.