XL Pitbull Puppies For Sale 2023 - XL American Bully Puppies For Sale 2023

Burrnationk9s is a dog breeding company specializing in XL Pitbull & XL American Bully. Founded by Alandise Harris.

Burrnationk9s is not your everyday Pit Bull Breeding Kennel. Our Breeding program is specifically structured to produce Big, Healthy, Extremely Loving Family dogs that possess extraordinary temperaments. These XL Pit Bulls puppies offered in 2022 are not to be confused with American Staffordshire terrier truly are one of a king and are like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Not only are you getting a loyal companion, but here at Burrnationk9s Kennels you become part of OUR FAMILY. We specialize in creating the Best XXL Tri Merle bully Puppies in the world. We have been producing the best XXL Pitbull Family dogs for over 12 years. Many of our new productions are rising stars in the XL Pit bull World. The future of the XXL Pitbull puppies, Bluenose Pitbull puppies, Chocolate Pitbull puppies, Blue Fawn Pit Bull Puppies, Lilac Tri Pitbull puppies, Tri Merle bully puppies, and many other amazingly beautiful colored Family dogs Is right where its supposed to be. Burrnationk9s Kennels Pit Bull Breeders are highly trained in many levels of Animal Care. We focus on the overall Health and Wellness of our Pets and our Family members.


XL Bully Puppies For Sale

Burrnationk9s Nipsey Hustle

Burrnationk9s Nipsey Hustle blue TRI MERLE stud xl bully


Blue Fawn XL American Bully Puppy from Burrnationk9s
Blue Fawn

Burrnationk9s Zara

Burrnationk9s Zara A Black Brindle Female XL American Bully


Pitbull Puppies For Sale

Burrnationk9s Mr. Kickin Drip

Black Tri XL Bully Named Burrnationk9s Mr. Kickin Drip


The Big Dawg Kennels Sahara

Lilac Pitbull Puppy


Lilac Tri Pitbull Puppy
Lilac Tri
Fawn Pitbull Puppy
Blue Fawn

What Does picking order or 1st pick, 2nd pick mean?

Picking order means the order you get to pick your puppy. IF we have a litter of 10 puppies. 5 males and 5 females. If you want to be the first one to pick out of all the available males you would get “1st pick male”. If you wanted “4th pick male”, you would have to wait until the other 3 RESERVES have picked their puppy and then you would have your choice of the remaining male puppies.